Growth and Urban Character

"Growth is inevitable and desirable, but destruction of community character is not. The question is not whether your part of the world is going to change. The question is how."
Edward T. McMahon
Charles E. Fraser Chair on Sustainable Development
at the Urban Land Institute in Washington, D.C.

We are Rochester, New York residents who believe in the power of urban neighborhoods to promote community spirit, prosperity and diversity. We are gravely concerned that Highland Hospital's stated plans for expansion, and recent purchase of a home on Bellevue Drive, will lead to the deterioration of a healthy and historically significant city neighborhood bordering one of the city's most treasured green spaces, Highland Park. We support thoughtful, responsible growth.

Tell your friends -- 27 Bellevue Drive is on the market! Great house! Great neighborhood!

Tell your friends -- 27 Bellevue Drive is on the market! Great house! Great neighborhood!

On July 14, 2014, at an NBN (Neighbors Building Neighborhoods) Sector 6 meeting, Highland Hospital representatives announced that the hospital would sell 27 Bellevue Drive, and that the hospital is no longer interested in pursuing neighborhood residential property at this time. The hospital presented its early-stage plans for new construction on the current hospital campus. You can read more about that here.

On July 31, 27 Bellevue went on the market.

On May 1, a SOLD sign appeared at 27 Bellevue.


Representatives of Defend Urban Neighborhoods, the Highland Park Neighborhood Association and the South Wedge Planning Committee will continue to meet with Highland Hospital as its construction plans move forward. To read minutes from these meetings, please go to the NBN6 (Neighbors Building Neighborhoods, Sector 6) page.



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