comment from a neighbor

We are at an apex with Highland Hospital. As a community resource the hospital believes that they cannot function without expansion. Their role is not preservation of neighborhoods property value, historical significance, or impact on individual homeowners as they grow. They are a business that is interested in moving their agenda forward. A business agenda. The agenda of hospital expansion, beyond its current boundaries, in the Highland Park Neighborhood is in direct conflict with the interest of home owners. 

Neighbors need to be actively involved to save the culture and the value of their homes. Read all you can, attend meetings, and take a stand to hold on to your homes as they stand. Please write your local representatives today or this week (on the ACTION tab of this website) to tell them you want them to stop this encroachment into our residential neighborhood. The time is now to volunteer your time to go door to door, provide computer, legal, zoning expertis, to this important cause.