A Midsummer Night's Dream indeed

It occurs to me that our evening walk last night provides a perfect illustration of why our neighborhood is a great one and worth preserving. We
(1) met a German family whose kids wanted to pet the dog; 
(2) met a Somali family whose kids wanted to pet the dog;
(3) watched some skateboarders practicing tricks;
(4) watched a group of African drummers and dancers;
(5) ran into our spitfire 88-year-old neighbor, who talked about the therapy group she runs for men with addictions;
(6) watched the incredibly dedicated and hard-working Rochester Community Players rehearse for A Midsummer Night's Dream, which they will be performing in Highland Bowl for free July 5-19 except Mondays and Thursdays;
(7) passed by the Wednesday-night-rain-or-shine-all-summer-long volleyball group;
(8) ran across a couple of dozen people playing some kind of elaborate bean bag toss game with snacks and beer. 

Yes, growth and change and development are inevitable. They are desirable. But they should be done in a way that preserves the character of the neighborhood. The character of this neighborhood promotes interaction on a person-to-person scale. It's why we love it here.